These Color Blocking Editorials have Sensationally Vibrant Backdrops

This 'WOW' series for DesignScene, which was shot by photographer Arkadiusz Jankowski, couldn't be more appropriately titled, and brings bold color blocking editorials back to life.

This outrageous editorial has elements that aren't usually featured in fashion photography. The beautiful model has long dreadlocked hair that transitions from a futuristically high up-do to a loose and whispy mop. The wardrobe is a combination of bright pastel colors and vibrantly spunky accessories. In one shot the model is wearing rainbow sequin heels, while in another image softly hued smoke appears to be smoldering out from the top of her beehive hair-do.

Perhaps the most noteworthy detail of this editorial is the intense twist the photographer takes on color blocking, which we see as a backdrop and also on the floor. This collection of images really showcases Arkadiusz Jankowski's affinity for capturing images that burst with color.