The MarsBoot Offers Ideas For the Future of Colonizing Mars

 - Apr 3, 2018
References: ourownskin
As the concept of humans colonizing Mars is beginning to seem less like a far-fetched idea and more as a likely reality, 'Growing a MarsBoot' is a project that aims to motivate the process of contemplation and innovative ideas in the subject. Targetting the design-driven community of the 21st century, the project seeks to brainstorm a form of growing materials and tools.

Hypothetically, when humans begin colonizing Mars it is beneficial to be as economical as possible in the transfer of materials. The 'Growing a MarsBoot' project raises awareness for how an astronaut's sweat could be combined with fungal mycelium to produce wearable items in space, as well as on Mars.

A steadfast combination of both complex and simple processes can be implemented in the construction of footwear with mycelium variants. This can allow for the respectful colonization of Mars through a set responsibility toward a new ecosystem.

Image Source: Mars Voot MOMA Commission