This Infographic Reveals Opinions on College Student Internet Use

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: holykaw.alltop
This highly optimistic infographic contains encouraging facts regarding college students' use of the Internet.

The chart chiefly demonstrates statistics regarding student’s opinions on how the Internet enhances their academic performance. Although it is safe to say that WiFi is a severe distraction and an indirect negative effect on my academic performance, it seems to act as a dramatic catalyst for everyone else’s. The chart goes into further detail and demonstrates some significant numbers, such as a 611% increase in the worldwide college investment on WiFi.

Internet is a beautiful revolution that has incredible uses as well as occasionally indulging downfalls. It can sometimes get overly appealing for some people, especially collage students. The trick is to balance one's interaction with it. Analogous to the need of balancing our consumption of chocolate, if people manage their Internet usage in a way that it optimizes the desired educational functionality, the benefits can be phenomenal.