The 'Collapsible Bike' Minimizes Storage Space and Back Strain

 - Mar 9, 2009
References: coroflot & deviceinn
The ingenious Collapsible Bike folds to take care of our storage concerns, while also tending to our spinal pains that arise from improper riding posture. Those proud reps of the early 80s generation can recognize the Sport Billy influence in this futuristic design.

Designed by Blair Hasty, the folding concept employs a nifty approach to transforming the fully-developed bicycle into a backpack-size frame. Still, novelty goes beyond storing, with the introduction of an aerodynamic position for the rider. The ready-to-dive posture, apart from freeing enough space to carry a large bag, ensures that strain is removed from the lower back by transferring the overall weight to the forearms and pelvic bone.

All seems great, although I feel worried about the strain on the arms now, not to mention that the rider will have to look out for balance and be quite the stretcher during stops.

Nonetheless, true to the animated hero inspiration, this transformer bike could signal the end of bicycle racks, not to mention the end of finding your front wheel chained on the rack, alone.