The ColdSense App Monitors Users' Surroundings to Prevent Colds

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: zicam & digitaltrends
The ColdSense app is a new piece of tech from cold and allergy relief company Zicam. It's designed to monitor users' lifestyles, habits, and surroundings to give a constant evaluation of the risk of getting a cold.

Using a proprietary algorithm, the ColdSense app assesses many of the key factors that contribute to the risk of getting a cold. The system adds weighted value to things like the cold incidences in the user's area, whether users spend longer than average times in crowded areas, and friends in user's social networks labelled as "Sick." The ColdSense app also activates users' smartphone microphones to listen for coughs and sneezes in their immediate vicinity.

Considering that Zicam offers drugs for preventing colds before they strike, such an app is a clever tool to encourage users to purchase and use its products.