CEOs of Coke and Pepsi Made a Truce Commercial in Celebration of Veterans Day

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: wsj & brandchannel
Veteran's Day brought about a momentous occasion where mega cola brands, Coke and Pepsi, came together for a first collaborative advertisement spot. The commercial was on behalf of the veteran-supporting nonprofit,, which helps veterans transition into new jobs.

The two executives, Muhtar Kent and Indra Nooyi for Coke and Pepsi respectively, are featured side by side -- in a split screen design however, meaning they weren't actually in the same room together. The pair says there is no better thing to unite them than the country's veterans. The two executives even finish each other's sentences in the 30 second spot.

Though historically the two brands do not necessarily get along, they have both individually supported veterans for many years, making this day the perfect cause to unite themselves over.