This Chart Lays Out the Profit Plan for Global Coffee Business

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: financesonline
The coffee business is a phenomenally profitable industry considering that only in the United States, 60% of the population needs coffee in the morning, while about 100 million drink coffee every day. Coffee is the second most traded commodity after petroleum, globally. This infographic educates the reader on how this commodity is turned into the billion-dollar industry it is today.

The chart touches upon numerous statistics regarding the export and import rates of coffee around the globe. Presentation of these statistics starts from the end users, who are the everyday coffee drinker. it continues on to coffee shops and stretches down to the manufacturer logistics, the coffee companies as well as the coffee mill.

Lastly, it offers insights onto the first two stops in the chain, the farmers and the coffee coyote, who makes ruthless deals with farmers and start the profit turmoil.