'Just Coconut Chunks' from Trader Joe's are Bite-Sized and Skinless

 - Aug 15, 2017
References: traderjoes
One of the newest products to be added to the shelves at Trader Joe’s are its ‘Just Coconut Chunks,’ which offer an alternative to whole and shredded coconuts, as well as coconut milk and water.

Trader Joe’s describes that developing the "frozen chunks of skinless coconut, without any additives" turned out to be more of a challenge than it anticipated. However, in collaboration with a supplier in the Philippines, Trader Joe’s launched its single-ingredient Just Coconut Chunks without any sweeteners, preservatives or whitening agents. As such, the hand-peeled coconut pieces are noted to make excellent snacks on their own straight out of the freezer, as well as perfect additions to fruit salads and smoothies.

Outside of the usual assortment of frozen fruits and vegetables, food brands are now launching pre-peeled, washed and chopped frozen foods that save consumers both time and money.