This Coca Cola Happiness Campaign Requires Two to Open a Coke

 - May 27, 2014
References: & adeevee
Coca-Cola happiness campaigns usually involve very simple actions that are interjected into situations in daily life that could use a little lift. In this case, the 'Friendly Twist' was introduced to a campus on the first day of school, where most students seemed to be interested in their smartphones than making friends.

Coca-Cola set up a fridge filled with Cokes, but there was a catch—the Coca-Cola bottles were designed with a "twist" and they are pretty much impossible to open on their own. Instead, two caps are designed to interlock and when you find another friend with an unopened bottle, the two of you can work together to twist them open. The action is small but it's a great way to conjure up some smiles and help people break the ice.