Keetra Dean Dixon's 'Objects of Co-Dependancy' Art

 - Sep 2, 2009
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Chances are pretty good you've read or heard about the rising prominence of codependency in relationships, which is why we thought designer Keetra Dean Dixon's "Objects of Co-Dependancy" collection is so relevant to modern pop culture.

"Keetra Dean Dixon knows. She knows all about co-dependency," says.

"What KDD wants to teach you, with some true-to-form objects, is that sometimes, the balloon has two mouthpieces. It takes two… to make it out of sight."

The pieces featured in Keetra Dean Dixon "Objects of Co-Dependancy" collection include Just Between You And Me (balloons), Every Breath You Take (cigarettes), Significant Spooning (spoons), Just keeping an eye on you (glasses), I could talk to you forever (telephones), In Your Eyes (viewmaster) and An unexpected spark (lighter).

While these items look really neat, they're sure as heck not functional, much like many people living in codependent relationships.

Whether you think codependency is good or bad, there's no doubt anyone can appreciate the truly unique and innovative design theme Keetra Dean Dixon chose.