Heineken's New Project Lets DJs Mix Tracks with Scents

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: youtube & psfk
Beer brand Heineken released a device that lets DJs mix tracks and release specific scents to create new clubbing experiences. The new project is part of the invite-only Green Room series.

The project, appropriately entitled The Scenthesizer, is explained in the promotional video. The collaboration took place with scent expert T.J. and DJ Funk Bast*rd from Darker than Wax. The scents were infused into the track list so whenever a new song played, a new sensory experience would occur.

Our senses play a crucial role in our memory and enjoyment of experiences. By adding smell to clubbing experiences, their hope is that participants will have a better time and feel more confident. This concept has been explored by some retailers by spraying their trademark perfumes on the clothing, but infusing scents into a clubbing experience takes a lot more innovation and imagination for the possibilities.