The CLOUDS Documentary Lets You Narrate Your Own Story

 - Jan 7, 2013
References: kickstarter
The ground-breaking new project CLOUDS, by James George and Johnathan Minard is a video game-inspired interactive documentary that uses the 3D cinema format RGBD. The creators of the project have obtained 20 hours of interviews with 30 media artists, curators, designers and critics using this new emerging technology.

This code-based documentary is uniquely interactive with the audience to which it is presented. It lets the viewer input a question or a search term that branches off into different regions of the video to narrate its own story. CLOUDS documentary brilliantly merges software engineering, audiovisual design, and cultural engagement, and refurbishes the practice of online sharing. CLOUDS comes in the form of an application for Mac or Windows, a thrilling innovation for the computational arts community.