Laura Guesse's Cloud Paintings Are Dreamlike and Sublime

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: lauraguese &
Artist Laura Guesse's cloud paintings are inspired by dreamlike and surrealist imagery. Resembling realistic photographs from afar, the illustrated works represent a sense of positivity and are calming to look at.

Working with a palette of pastel blue tones, Laura creates foam and cotton-like textures in her conceptual series of cloud paintings. Her finished canvases are both whimsical and visually striking, ultimately illustrating the power and versatility of organic forms.

The artist's choice of organic and bulbous shapes can appear abstract at first but is also revealing of hidden motifs and graphics. Overall, these images are similar to those one would conceive in their mind while staring at the sky on a sunny afternoon. Their tranquil theme carries throughout Laura's series and is a mark of the artist's signature style.