Xiaomi's 'Cloth Pear Fresh' Air Mask Purifies Polluted Air

 - Nov 9, 2016
References: gizmochina & mashable
Xiaomi's 'Cloth Pear Fresh' air masks are a response to an environmental scourge in many industrial areas, particularly China. China's industrial growth has been without precedent in the modern world, but an unfortunate side effect of that massive growth has been equally massive amounts of smog. Surgical masks and other air filters have thus become everyday garb across the country, but the Xiaomi Cloth Pear Fresh mask is an attempt to make that medical gear more stylish.

Not only does the Cloth Pear Mask cover one's face, it also comes with a built-in air purifier that uses Xiaomi's technology to more effectively keep people from inhaling harmful chemicals. Xiaomi has recently released a home air purifier, so the company has incorporated that same tech into the Cloth Pear Fresh mask.