Clipchamp Create Gives Users Access to Thousands of Videos

 - May 30, 2018
References: app.clipchamp & producthunt
Stock videos often struggle to satisfy users' needs, as the medium is inherently more dynamic than something like photography or even audio, but Clipchamp Create is a new tool that makes it easier for people to get exactly what they want in their stock footage. That's because the completely free tool lets users edit their own stock videos from a pool of over 80,000 options, giving unprecedented control.

Clipchamp Create lets any user create a professional-quality stock video, regardless of their experience with video editing. It's browser-based, so users don't need to have access to (or pay for) external editing software, and the interface focuses in on the most common features that people use when editing videos. And if users aren't satisfied with the available options, Create Plus offers over 150,000 stock options.