The Climate Change Chocolate Bar

 - Nov 12, 2008
References: terrapass
Everyone knows that chocolate is delectable, but what about a chocolate bar that is designed to educate as well as taste good? Read on to learn more.

The Climate Change Chocolate Bar is designed to bring awareness of our carbon footprint, even though our feet are the last thing involved with this product.

This chocolate bar comes in a wrapper like all the others, but that’s where the similarity ends. On the wrapper are 15 tips written to inform the about-to-be indulger of their environmental impact. It’s all about little ways to save energy that can make a big difference in the grand, energy-consumption scheme of things.

Climate Control Chocolate Bars are made by Bloomsberry and Company, which was founded in New Zealand in 2001. The company hopes these bars represent the first taste of a lower-carbon lifestyle for Whole Foods shoppers who decide to take responsibility for their climate change impact. Whole Foods has become an American environmental leader among American retailers, and they sell a variety of cause-related chocolates that raise awareness and funds for everything from saving endangered species to protecting the rain forest.

One of these chocolate bars is worth a trip to the dentist. So why not indulge?

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