From Dawn-to-Dark Drinks to Oddly Flavored Pops

 - Oct 6, 2012
These luscious lavender edibles illustrate the recent merger between the plant and culinary realms. Lavender buds have been used in the past to infuse soaps, creams and body sprays with phenomenal scents. Chefs and at-home foodies have taken cues from the cosmetic products, replicating similar concoctions via fresh ingredients.

Lavender sold in the forms of dawn-to-dark drinks and oddly flavored pops have made their entry on to supermarket shelves and local produce markets. The taste is light and reminiscent of spring, leading many to return to the additive when making cakes, pastries or cookies for baby showers or wedding events.

Savory sauces have also borrowed from the floral notes, frequently drizzled on top of sandwiches, soups and even meats in spite of their sweet dessert qualities.