'Alike' is a Tracking Bracelet for Client Connections at Conferences

 - Jul 3, 2015
References: alike.io & psfk
These smart client-connecting bracelets are used during events and conferences to ease conversation and to create a connection with other guests based on similar interests or compatible career industries.

The client-connecting bracelet begins by making an online profile that is specific to you. The profile outlines career goals, fields and professional interests. When you arrive at a conference or event, the bracelet is waiting for you. When you are near another guest, the high-tech wearable will detect another bracelet and if it glows green, it means the connection is strong but if it glows red, it means you probably have opposite interests or goals.

All of the information obtained at the conference will be stored to your online profile so each connection you made can be ordered, remembered and used to connect in a post-conference atmosphere -- even if you can't recall each specific encounter.