Claire Felicie Documents the Effect of the Iraq War on Soldiers

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: clairefelicie & mymodernmet
The Iraq war might be over, but the effects of it are strongly present in the lives (and faces) of the American troops, as shown by the photographic series titled 'Marked' by Claire Felicie. This emotional project started in 2009 and it documents the consequences of the war on the faces of its soldiers.

First, Felicie took a series of photos of 20 young marines five months before they were sent to Afghanistan. Judging by their faces, they look hopeful, fresh and young. After six months of service, the photographer captured a second round of photos. This time the brave fighters appear less hopeful. In the final installment after they returned from duty, their faces look tired, weathered and aged. Although the marines claimed that they weren't changed by the war, their faces seem to be telling a different story.

The series of black and white triptychs by Claire Felicie expose the evident toll that war takes on this young warriors.