The CLAE Pop-Up Shop is Designed With Sustainability in Mind

The CLAE pop-up shop by Polish architectural design studio Mode:lina fuses modern design ideals along with inexpensive materials than encourage sustainability. Aiming to use a low budget for this temporary retail space, the Mode:lina design team chose wooden shipping pallets and cardboard boxes as their medium when building this modern pop-up shop.

The design studio, founded by Pawel Garus and Jerzy Wozniak is known for their conceptual and ecologically conscious designs and the CLAE pop-up shop is no exception.

The dynamic retail space utilizes its inexpensive and versatile wood palette materials to form wall partitions and a raised floor while its cardboard box materials act as shelves and display units for CLAE's footwear products. Moreover, the designers infuse the temporary space with signage and lighting that defines branding while heightening user experience.