This App Helps You Identify Cigar-Friendly Venues In Your Area

 - Sep 3, 2016
References: & imbibe
UK-based cigar importer and distributors Hunters & Frankau are launching an innovative new smartphone app that is designed to make it easier than ever for cigar connoisseurs to go about finding cigar-friendly venues where they can enjoy reveling in their hobby without having to make others uncomfortable, and indeed without having to deal with with exaggerated coughs and judgmental stares.

The app, dubbed H & F Cigars, allows users to use a map interface to identify cigar-friendly venues as well as cigar stores where they can add to their collections. The app features a Google Maps plugin to help users navigate to cigar-friendly locations. This is a great example of a brand helping its users to engage in their hobby and indeed with the brand itself by making it easier for them to access the information they need.