Chute by Michael Pappas is a Portable and Packable Emergency Sack

 - Sep 10, 2012
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Arriving at the grocery store and discovering that you've forgotten your green bag at home may not qualify as an emergency situation; however, the Chute by Michael Pappas has been designed with the idea that -- for the environment -- it is a crisis.

An extremely fine and lightweight fabric has been stitched together to make this shoulder bag, but it also incorporates a couple of unexpected features. One is the carbon fiber strips that give the satchel structure, and the other is the metal toggle that allows you to yank its drawstring.

In the manner that you might pull the cord on a parachute to open it, Chute by Michael Pappas is compressed. It works in reverse to the way you might expect it to but its novelty is certainly not lost.