The Christina Wald Madeline Series Uses a Harry Potter Theme

 - Jul 7, 2012
References: popsmoothie & designtaxi
The Christina Wald Madeline Series revisits two childhood classics. The illustrated series ‘Maryline and a Wizard School in Scotland’ was created by Cincinnati, Ohio-based artist Christina Wald, who was inspired to recreate her favorite children's classic series Madeline. Wald transforms the precocious redhead into a wizard, replacing her infamous yellow and often misplaced hat with a witch's hat.

Wald stated on her website that she believed, "the premise [of Madeline] would totally work with a Harry Potter theme." And, by mashing up the authors Ludwig Bemelmans and J.K. Rowling, Wald was able to create her own sweet story that channeled them both. The illustrations carefully mimicked Bemelmans' style of loose brush strokes and simple flat color palettes, with a twist of Harry Potter magic. Wald creates an adorable homage to two great authors.