Chris Slabber Illustrated Morphed Portraits that Look Like Clouds

 - May 20, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Chris Slabber, a South African illustrator, created a series of digital illustrations that fuse together photographed portraits of humans with watery "paint splatter."

At first glance, the illustrations look like the effects of paint immersed in water; the color is swirled, airy and cloud-like. However, upon a closer look, you can pinpoint human faces. Facial features like noses, eyes and mouths stand out in many of the illustrations amongst the cloudy, yet vibrant and beautiful watercolor canvases.

The series is titled ‘Destruction/Creation’ and was made to depict the constant point of creation. The artist believes that "with destruction comes creation" -- it's relatable to the circle of life. In his art, he proves that as the paint "falls" and is deconstructed, it creates beautiful portrait paintings.