These Chris Gall Scenes are Surreal and Imaginative

 - May 12, 2012
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Tuscon, Arizona-based artist and illustrator Chris Gall has an imagination brimming with whimsy and wonder if his recent work, titled, 'Digital Scratchboard,' is any indication.

He depicts whales and manta rays swimming through the air like Zeppelins, casting shadows upon huge swaths of idyllic small towns and farms. In other illustrations, aliens play brass and woodwind instruments and a family car doubles as a submarine, allowing its passengers to explore the ocean's depths. Still, this whimsical levity is not found in every piece of the series. With a decidedly darker tone, Gall illustrates a sea of oil reeling amongst itself in giant cascading waves of opaque blackness.

Gall's illustrative style is just as interesting as his substance. In a manner remniscent of L'Art Naife, he mutes depth perception, creating an impressionist effect that invites the viewer to embellish each scene using their own imagination.