Classics with a spicy twist by Chris Antemann

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: ferringallery & juxtapoz
Are you looking for the it thing that will enhance your home? Do you like the classics but feel tempted by contemporary? You'll surely love these lascivious, slightly naughty ceramic figurines by Chris Antemann, great pieces that give themes from the classics and the romantics unexpected twists.
Seen from a distance, they seem exactly like all those innocent, old, boring souvenirs aunties and grannies go mad for, but if you take a closer look... oh, what a surprise, those figurines seem to have a very good time! Lust, lascivious kisses, naughty looks and sumptuous banquets that remind of the lavishness of Marie Antoinette's court. Red lips, tempting pastries and lingerie instead of shepherds, craftsmen and austere women.
The wow factor is guaranteed and, once again, the power of unexpectedness takes things to an higher level.