The Manner Tofu Chopstick Games Tests Your Skills

 - Oct 15, 2013
References: fancy
If you have trouble using chopsticks, you might want to improve on your skills with the Manner Tofu Chopstick game by Eyeup Japan. The object of the game is to stack (or repackage) pieces of tofu. And it’s definitely a family affair – the game comes equipped with mama, daddy, sister, brother and cousin tofu pieces.

The premise of the stacking game is simple– everyone takes turn piling the pieces, and the person who causes the pile to tumble loses. Meanwhile, the packaging game requires you to place the Tofu back in the box with your chopsticks facing downward or upward. The game is made more difficult by the fact that the base of the tofu is slightly curved.

Though this game is meant for kids (twelve and up) it could be a fun way to become a chopstick expert.