This Chocolate Macaron is Filled with Sweet Peppermint & Spicy Chipotle

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: chezus
These 'Spicy Hot Chocolate Macarons' from Chezus put a twist on the classic treat. The recipe calls for many of the same ingredients that would be found in both a regular chocolate macaron recipe or a mixed hot chocolate drink, but there's also a hint of spiciness that comes from half a teaspoon of chipotle powder. This is simply added into the cocoa powder in the recipe so it's present, but not overpowering.

Once the shells of the macarons have been made, they are loaded with a texture-rich filling of smooth marshmallow fluff and crushed candy canes.

While the Aztecs first combined dark chocolate and chile dates centuries ago, cult products like Sriracha and Nutella have caused there to be a surge in hybrid dishes and spicy-sweet flavor combinations.