This Chocolate Innovation Chart Delves into the Delicious History of Chocolate

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: ninesigma
This chart aims to educate you on the history of chocolate innovation; from the crafty Spanish innovators in the 1500's who first added sugar and flavourings to their chocolate beverages, right up to the artisan chocolatiers of today -- but it'll probably just make you want to scoff some cocoa goodness.

Did you know that Joseph Fry & Sons developed the first chocolate bar in 1847, through a series of research experiments? I for one am eternally grateful they persevered. Another interesting fact is that Richard-Cadbury created the first heart shaped candy box in 1861 giving men the world over a clue what to buy their lady-folk for the romantic occasion.

Millions of boxes of chocolates will be gifted around the world this Valentine's Day, so it's interesting to see just how far the humble chocolate sweet has come!