8 Gods Everyone Can Worship

 - Oct 4, 2008   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: chocolatedeities
Chocolate is chocolate, right? Not on the new website called Chocolate Deities! While chocolate may be most frequently revered as the Patron Saint of Broken Hearts, it has branched out. Now you get chocolate deities of your choosing. The site seems to be as pleased as punch with their idea.

Implications - Chocolate Deities offers handmade chocolates all in the shapes of different gods, goddesses and symbols from different religions. The company celebrates chocolates in the form of love, luxury, peace, healing and so much more. Chocolate Deities claims that chocolate has the ability to "transport and inspire" beyond its consumable nature. The website also tells its consumer that they do not have to eat the chocolates, but can use it as an offering for prayers and wishes, love objects and even altarpieces.