Pressed Juicery's 'Chlorophyll H2O' Increase One's Red Blood Cell Count

 - Sep 18, 2017
References: wmagazine & pressedjuicery
Juicing has become one of the pillars of the health and wellness industry, and Pressed Juicery's 'Chlorophyll H2O' beverage shows that juice can even be used as a beauty product. The juice contains natural, plant-based ingredients that provide both health and beauty advantages, helping to improve consumers' physical wellbeing as well as their self-confidence.

As its name indicates, Chlorophyll H2O's main ingredient is chlorophyll, the dark green substance found in marine plants and responsible for their coloring. Chlorophyll particles are packed with minerals and vitamins that provide ample benefits for people, including an increase in the production of red blood cells. This in turn leads to more energy, as the body can more efficiently oxygenate one's muscles and organs. The juice also has zero calories, making it a guilt-free drink option.