These Chili Pepper Candies are Not Your Average Gummy Treat

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: firebox & firebox
Fans of gummy bears and spicy foods will rejoice thanks to these chili pepper candies that will give your taste buds a kick. The gummy treats are shaped to resemble hot peppers and are each more spicy than the next.

Titled the 'Gummy Chili Challenge', this chili pepper candy set includes three pepper treats that feature different spice levels. The gummy candies come in an apple-flavored jalapeno, an orange-flavored habanero and a cherry-flavored ghost pepper taste that is voted as the most hot of the three.

Fans of spice will love these chili pepper candies that are the perfect novelty gift this holiday season. The oversized gummy treats will give your taste buds a kick and are infused with sweet fruit flavors.