- Oct 13, 2014
Although we're winding down into fall pretty fast from summer, these DIY popsicles are a great way to allow the summer to live on just a little bit longer. Many would likely opt for the quintessential PSL (pumpkin spice latte) around this time of year, but what you'll likely be surprised to discover is that a frozen treat might actually make you feel a little warmer; as you eat it, your body's natural response is to heat up to combat the icy refreshment.

If you're an avid believer that there's nothing you can't make from home, these DIY popsicles are sure to offer a number of delicious recipes. Perhaps you're looking to jumpstart your digestive system, which can be done by juicing your favorite fruits and veggies then freezing them into bar form.

From Pineapple Cocktail Popsicles to Healthy Torte Treats: