Filip is a Child Locator and Phone That Takes the Shape of a Watch

 - Aug 3, 2013
References: myfilip & tuvie
The Filip Wristwatch is a child locator and phone that is worn by kids like a regular watch. This concept is a combination of powerful technologies like "GPS, GMS voice/data and cell tower location, and Wi-Fi hotspot triangulation," according to the site.

The idea for Filip was generated when Sten Kirkbak lost his three year old for half an hour. This is a terrifying situation and the flip wristwatch is like giving a kid the power of a smartphone without all of the Internet-surfing capabilities, so it is still very child-friendly.

These helpful watches give kids the freedom to play outside without parents having to worry about where they are all the time. By connecting the Filip to a tablet or smartphone app, parents can locate or call their children with the press of a button.