This Chicken Waffle Slider Recipe Reinterprets Nashville Hot Chicken

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: southernfatty & howsweeteats
This hot chicken waffle slider recipe is the perfect way to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day today. From the food blog Southern Fatty, the sandwiches are an excellent example of southern comfort food -- with a small twist.

Nashville-style hot chicken is hot just referring to the temperature of the meat, but of the spice factor. The local dish is best enjoyed by those who "have a home in the city to run back to so they have access to an outdoor hose to cool off with." With this homemade recipe, you are in even closer proximity to a hose and can also enjoy an authentic taste without having to make a trip to Tennessee.

The chicken waffle slider is sandwiched between waffles and is topped with tomato, lettuce, pickles, plain yogurt, salt, garlic and dill.