Checkout by Geof Ramsay Channels the Roller Surface of the Grocer's Cashier

 - Sep 26, 2014
References: geoframsay & ramsay251.rssing
Checkout by Geof Ramsay was dreamed up from a childhood fascination with the payment counter of the modern grocery store. The designer recalls running his hands over the rotating cylinders of the check out counter, enjoying the feeling of the gliding over the cool and smooth metal. This piece of furniture was created with its prominent feature as this very line-up of rollers, comprising the entire seating surface of the bench.

Checkout encourages the fulfilment of the young Ramsay's desire to slide along the spinning bars by climbing completely on top of them. A slim metal structure holds them all in place, producing the perfect track on which to glide one's bottom from side to side. Minimalist, industrial and playfully functional, Checkout by Geof Ramsay comes in versions with and without a supportive backrest, accommodating two people comfortably, and providing the easy means to budge over for another sitter.