Strange Attractors by Justin Edmund Illustrates Chaos Theory

 - Apr 10, 2011
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These artistically designed and mathematically generated visuals by graphic designer Justin Edmund are astounding. Edmund hopes to shed some light on the beauty of mathematics by visually representing them for all the world to see.

Through his 36-page book titled Strange Attractors, Edmund hopes to help people understand and appreciate the underlying concepts involved in chaos theory -- a field of study in applied mathematics. These sci-fi visuals were generated using a variety of processing sketches that Edmund either designed or found and then modified to his liking.

Although chaotically generated, these beautiful visuals show relatively common mathematically ideas and concepts that boggle the brain, like fractals, the Mandelbort Set and deJong Attractors. These mathematically enhanced equations and terms are displayed with nothing but saturated darkness behind them, giving them a ghostlike appeal that is sure to entrance and amaze the viewer.

Edmund’s goal and set plan for these wicked pictures is to "enable the user to literally see the beauty of chaos in order to begin to appreciate it as a scientific concept, but also a generator of art." Mathematics may not be that fun or enjoyable, but it's sure pretty!