This Graph Reveals How Google Glass Could Change Medicine

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: & dailyinfographic
A new infographic titled 'How Google Glass Could Revolutionize the Medical Industry' reveals why and how Google's most controversial product could change medicine forever.

Since Google Glass is a hands-free device, the infographic states that it could be used to enhance doctor-patient relationships, since doctors can check the patient's medical history and vital signs without breaking eye contact. Surgeons can also use Google Glass during surgical procedures, both as a teaching tool and a helpful aide. In terms of teaching, medical students can watch a live stream of a surgery via Google Hangout. Doctors can also speak to other surgeons or with nurses regarding the patient's status during a surgery.

The infographic goes on to say that, with Google Glass, family doctors can check in on their patients without them having to go in for an appointment, using recognition software to help with diagnoses, and even send patients their X-ray and MRI work to educate them on the status of their health.

With Google Glass, it seems like the overflowing medical industry might be able to become refined once again, re-instating close patient-doctor relationships and ensuring that doctors are always present for their patients. For these reasons and more, it looks like Google Glass will indeed revolutionize the medical industry.