Changents Connects People Doing Good With People Who Help Them

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: changents is online showcase for Change Angents, or people who are doing good for the world and working toward creating positive change for people, for the planet, or in some cases, for both. The platform helps them share their inspiring stories through social media and connects them with an audience that cares -- and ideally, will take action as a result.

The company was founded by Deron Triff and Alex Hofmann. As they put it, they are simply "Connecting the people who help the world to the people who help them."

People can join the Changents in two ways. They can either become a Backer who supports someone making an impact (through financial support or be helping spread the word), or they can become a Change Agent themselves.

"Once nominated, you can tell your personal story of change through blogs, photos, videos, etc. Remember, Changents is about individual Change Agents, not institutions, so focus on the star of the show – you!"

The Change Agents can then use the platform to share their stories and raise awareness in order to garner support through features like the Volunteer Requests area.

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