Peter Han Uses Chalkboard Drawings to Create Unrestrictive Art

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: peterhanstyle & thisiscolossal
Free-thinking designer Peter Han is using chalkboard art to open the minds of artists around the globe. Not only are his illustrations marvelously done, but there's a message behind them that speaks to an enlightened state of mind.

Through Han's drawing class, aptly titled 'Dynamic Sketching,' he is able to break the conventional habits that plague the creative minds of artists. Making it so that the idea of permanence no longer becomes an association with their drawings; essentially allowing the focus to be on the process instead of the end result. While the sketches can be forever encapsulated through photography, the hard copy always meets the same fate. This type of thinking is akin to living in the moment; allowing people to appreciate the smaller things in life -- or in this case, each new stroke that hits the board. As someone with an art background, the message behind Han's chalkboard art certainly hits home.