The Erotic Works of Chad Michael Ward

 - Apr 23, 2010
References: digitalapocalypse & gothicbeauty
Chad Michael Ward embodies the phrase "man of many talents." He has photographed some of the most recognizable alternative models in the Goth subculture, directed music videos, designed DVD menu pages for Marilyn Manson and put together new covers for the recently re-released 'Vampire Diaries' series.

Chad Michael Ward is also the author of five books, including 'Black Rust'--his first book--and the current 'Dangerous Beauties,' a collection of his shoots with Goth-style models over the years.

Aside from the five music videos he's shot to date, Ward has also directed an unreleased short called 'Fable,' and has plans to do a feature-length film next year.

Hopefully, his potential film-making career won't keep Chad Michael Ward from adding more pictures to the exotic images for which he's already so well known.