The 'CEXN Accessories' Series is Dark and Graceful

The 'CEXN Accessories' series shows that elegance and edginess need not be mutually exclusive. Shot by photographer Sandra Schmidbaur, the series focuses on model Dana-Chantal Strangmann as adorned with dresses from Angela Stöckel and accessories from CEXN and Dana Mikelson. Hair and makeup are the work of Michelle Zöller and Lisa Kram, respectively.

From Elizabethan-inspired collars to quirky coifs, the series is brimming with dark, provocative looks. CEXN and Dana Mikelson have come up with a variety of pieces that maintain a coherent, easily recognizable style -- an advantageous trait in the fashion world.

The style is quite reminiscent of renaissance clothing. This is most clearly seen in the collars Strangmann wears, which seem to be heavily inspired by those of the courtiers days long gone by. Still, the looks are realized with modernist, minimalist sensibilities and, as such, have a style all their own.