Cerise Doucède Photography Explores Chaos

 - Jan 19, 2013
References: cerisedoucede.fr & mymodernmet
Cerise Doucède photography consists of mind-blowing shots featuring a series of inanimate objects suspended in intimate scenes.

Cerise Doucède is French photographer with a knack for exploring mesmerizing concepts. In her two series 'Égarements' and 'Quotidien,' she ventures into manifesting gravity defying snap shots. The work is impeccable and immediately draws you in. Several random objects are suspended in each shot and formulate a perplexing conversation within seconds. Intriguing captures include a shot of a disconnected couple sitting at opposite sides of a table surrounded by hanging food products and a scene of an older couple eating breakfast in bed. The shots are bizarre, frozen in time and force the viewer to question the connection between the objects and the people.

Cerise Doucède photography allows each individual to create their own storyline and make sense of her creative chaos.