The OFI Superdren Branding Promotes a Skin-Perfecting Cellulite Cream

 - Dec 11, 2015
Whether young or old, the majority of modern women suffer from unbalanced or imperfect skin, making cellulite creams a must for many. The brand identity for OFI Bottega di Lunga Vita' 'Super Dren cellulite' product range is evocative of its skin-boosting properties. it also features dynamic imagery of water droplets and positions itself as an essential for those leading a healthy life.

Drinking enough water is considered one of the easiest and most effective ways to make skin more beautiful. Suggesting that its range will hydrate the skin, OFI Bottega di Lunga Vita launches a set of eye-catching products that feature packaging designed by Tiziana Moretti.

These cellulite creams, supplements and serums will catch the eye of consumers while promising an improved skin texture after use.