Brotherhood Media Specializes in Ambient Intervention Marketing.

Brotherhood Media is a UK-based independent marketing company that understands the importance of making a cultural connection with a targeted audience, whether it is mainstream mall-goers or underground hipster kids. The innovative company offers ambient advertising packages that allow advertisers to do something creative with their advertizing budgets. These Ambient packages often involve alternative guerrilla advertising methods in the form of monument projections, live-art installations, stencil-art or graffiti.

Brotherhood Media’s latest guerrilla campaign uses a cellophane graffiti technique to promote the Beastie Boys' upcoming album. "Cello-graffiti" is an emerging form of legal graffiti that is not well known outside the underground community of European street artists. It consists of wrapping cellophane sheets between poles or trees to create new surfaces on which to paint on in various urban settings without permanently defacing any public or private property. The exclusive and ephemeral aspect of the cello-graffiti campaign reinforces the immediate and cultural connection it makes with anyone directly exposed to it, while its originality ensures that it will become viral and reach a wider audience.