Celentano Woodworks Builds Pac-Man Ukulele With Dot-Eating Melodies

The ‘Pac-Man Ukulele’ is a brightly colored melody maker that will devour those Pac-Man dots and bring some chill and peaceful tunes into your day. Strum along Pac-Mans famous yellow face while he charges at the dots on the fret-board for consumption. The top of the ukulele is accompanied by a vibrant red tuner to keep your dot-hungry ukulele always sounding harmonious. Perfect for a video game/jam session with your friends, this nifty instrument will have your buddies dropping their controllers to get their hands on the Pac-Man ukulele. This instrument is priced at $600 and is only for a true old school gamer/avid ukulele player. To purchase this groovy gizmo check out ‘thisiswhyimbroke.com’, which is a perfect place for this highly-priced item to be featured.