Katherine Heigl and Funny or Die Team Up for the I Hate Balls Campaign

In this latest video from FunnyorDie.com, actress Katherine Heigl gives a Public Service Announcement about the importance of neutering animals and her deep-seated hatred of balls on behalf of the I Hate Balls campaign -- wait, what? Her hatred of balls? -- yes, that is correct. She then goes on to describe the pros and cons of male genitalia with heavy favor in the cons section. The video is filled with a few visual spectacles that will leave men protecting their crotches.

While this video is humorous and certainly catches attention, Heigl’s message that animals should be neutered still stands strong at the end. She evens gives you the opportunity to donate via text message or buy merchandise at Ihateballs.com. While I will be donating to her cause, I don’t think I will be purchasing an 'I Hate Balls' t-shirt anytime soon.