Teeology.com is a New Brand by Jennifer Lopez

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: teeology
Jennifer Lopez’s new website Teeology.com cleverly impacts online shopping in a highly inventive way. The website allows customers to sign up as members at no charge, comment and vote for t-shirt designs they would like to see sold on Teeology.com. Lopez and a team of three curators go through the t-shirt ideas of local and international designers and narrow down the selection for members to vote on.

Teeology.com also allows members to suggest different themes for designers to consider, which creates an outlet for the public to be involved in within the creation of the clothing brand. On the Teeology website, Lopez explains that the goal of the brand is to be able to provide quality t-shirts at reasonable prices. The fact that the store is strictly online helps to achieve this.

The t-shirt designs are playful and feature a lot of popular sayings or eye-catching designs. There are shirts for both men and women in various t-shirt styles including v-necks, scoop necks and off-the-shoulder tees. The brand is still fairly new -- it launched in July 2012 -- so the selection is not grand, but it is still worth paying attention to.

If you are an aspiring clothing designer or someone with a unique graphic tee idea and an interest in art, you are able to submit your ideas and your portfolio to Teeology.com so that it may be viewed by the Teeology team. The website welcomes and encourages new designers.