Huang Yong Ping's Works Comment on Human Effects on the Sea

 - Mar 20, 2016
References: gladstonegallery & mymodernmet
Artist and creative Huang Yong Ping series of ceiling sculptures intricately depict sea creatures from a gargantuan scale that are designed to simultaneously look menacing and compassionate. The creatures are made to interact with the space they are set up in, to showcase the impact humans have on sea life.

Yong Ping's most recent work is called Wu Zei, and it showcases a massive octopus and cuttlefish hybrid from a massively large scale. The sculpture is set up in the Qatar Museum dangling from the ceiling as well wrapping its tentacles around pillars of the room for a more interactive display. The sculpture depicts the sea creature realistically while using its large size to draw attention to the effects mankind has had on disrupting oceanic ecosystems.