Andreu Carulla Recycles Materials to Make a Ceiling Lamp Design

 - Apr 9, 2013
References: andreucarulla
Only a year after designer Andreu Carulla blew food and home decor lovers away with his glimmering Facetat serving dish, he's back with this new Facetada ceiling lamp design that sees this modern artist recycling his wavy plate creation in order to make these dream-like ceiling fixtures.

Carulla's previous Facetat creation embodied the free design aesthetic that dominates most of this artist's work. Using flat sheet geometry, Carualla discovered that he is capable of bending and molding the Facetat's malleable form to whatever bizarre and eye-catching shape he wishes.

By taking this free-flowing idea and running with it, Carulla's Factada ceiling lamp design sees the shiny reflective contours of this geometric blanket combining art with household illumination all in one visually appealing product.